About SpeedyBit

How does the SpeedyBit Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator work?

What can our Bitcoin transaction accelerator do?

The SpeedyBit Transaction Accelerator can speed up any low, medium or high fee transaction for a fast confirmation time.

Our service has been used 10180685 times since it was created and has confirmed thousands of unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions.

How to use the Speedy Bit Transaction Accelerator

Using the SpeedyBit Transaction Accelerator is as easy as inputing any unconfirmed bitcoin transaction and clicking the "Accelerate Now" button to speed up any Bitcoin Transaction.

SpeedyBit will push the Bitcoin transaction back to the top of the blockchain queue increasing transaction confirmation time.

It's hard to say whether your transaction will confirm or not, but we have an extremely high success rate with transactions that have 150+ sat/B transaction fees.

SpeedyBit also allows for an unlimited amount of Bitcoin transaction acceleration unlike many other acceleration services that only allow a specific amount. It is also recommended to only accelerate once every 4 to 6 hours for a better chance at your transaction confirming.

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